Safety precaution in the office

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There are many things in the office environment that pose a threat, from stacks of work waiting to be filed away, to spilt liquids like tea and coffee on the floor.  Most of these hazards can be dealt with easily, but a few others require more thought and consideration to prevent employees injuring themselves, one of the biggest being the staircase.

Simple advice given to employees such as to always use the banister when alighting or descending the staircase; or not to use mobile phones to text or talk while using the stairs, as this distracts your attention, which can cause one to trip up or down the stairs.  It is a fact of life that accidents do happen, and it is so easy for these to occur anytime, anywhere, that it is best that the work place is prepared for the worst.  The easiest way to reduce the risk of serious injury on staircases, where a trip or fall could result in a broken bone or a bad cut from the stair treads, is to use edge protectors.  These devices are designed to reduce injury by cushioning a fall against the sharp edges of a stair tread, thereby lessening the blow and keeping injury to a minimal, or avoiding it altogether. 

Edge protectors also make people more aware of where the edges of the steps are, so they don't miss a step (which usually results in a trip or fall of some description).  It is also important to high-light any other raised platforms or areas in the work place, such as an outdoor patio, or single step up (or down) into an office room, kitchen area or other room.  It is also important to place edge protectors in these areas as people can easily forget about them, making them a dangerous tripping or falling hazard.  Making people aware of them by high-lighting them with bright edge protectors is an easy and quick way of reducing trips and falls in the work place, while the edge protectors themselves work to reduce injury should the worst happen.

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Safety precaution in the office

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This article was published on 2010/09/15